Feb 11

Air flow


I have a 70 XR7. Ever since I got it most of the air comes out the defroster vents. It was first suggested the AC center register linkage arm could be broken. Turns out it was intact but replaced anyway since I had already ordered the part. Then it was suggested to replace the AC vacuum actuator which didn't really help. Other suggestions have been corroded rods in the heater box and the controller on AC/heat assembly. The shop working on it (stereo shop as I had am/fm/cd receiver installed and they had the dash apart for that) doesn't have a vacuum gauge but said the hoses to the AC/heat assembly weren't getting any suction from the engine and doors and rods were OK. Does anybody have any suggestions or know of anyone or shop that works on Cougars (too stiff to work much on it myself)? HELP! Thanks.

Feb 13

When you move the ac controls to you hear any hissing under the dash? You may want to check the vacuum line that comes through the firewall and make sure it is connected to the fender side vac can. (i have a 67 and the vac can is in the pass fender below the hood hinge)

Feb 14

I found the vacuum lines under the hood hinge but couldn't get them off. I'm taking it to a shop tomorrow. What would hissing or lack thereof indicate?

New Posts
  • kevin080463
    Nov 6

    Hello folks. New classic Cougar owner here. Question for the group. What do you do for insurance? Full coverage? Liability? is there a classic car insurance? Just wondering what others are doing...... I know what my insurance person is trying to talk me into.
  • northtopekahawksnest
    Nov 14, 2017

    In 1969 my father bought a brown Cougar with a black/brown houndstooth vinyl top and seat inserts. It was purchased at Carl Drennan Motors (no longer in business) in Winfield, KS. I kept it until 1983 when I foolishly traded it on a Honda Accord. I have always regretted letting it go and would sure like to know its whereabouts but I'm not real hopeful. I do not have the vin as I got rid of all the repair paperwork. Thanks in advance for any leads.
  • Fisherman74017
    Oct 8

    Just purchased a 68 GT. :) Working on shipping, but hope to have it home this week. thank you for the help from Cougar friends in California to find it. I will share pics when I get it home.

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