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Classic Car Mechanic's are hard to find

Several members of MACC take their cars to James Brown out of Claremore. He jut finished working on Randy's car and he is doing the from brakes on Charlie's 67. Below is a little info about James;

My name is James Brown. I own and run a small shop in Claremore Ok. specializing in Classic Car's. I've been working on car's since I was 14 Years old when my first project was an old Chevy truck and that is what started it all. I gained experience in my hobby over the year's to w...hen a gentleman notice my deep interest in car's and asked me to help him out in his Machine Shop. This was key to my future as I learned a wealth of knowledge on how to build high performance engine's. I also spent plenty of time at the Drag Strip to learn how a car work's.

My back ground is in Steel Company Management. I decide to leave the Cooperate world to pursue my interest full time in the Classic Car field. I have a large shop with two part time assistant's. I have access to a machine shop, part's store and paint. I also have a network of people that I can out source work to if required. That would include exhaust, setting up rear-end gear's, front end alignment and transmission's. I've built and repaired Race Car's, Street Machine's, Muscle Car's and Classic's. I've built engines from the common Chevy and Ford small block's to the uncommon 426 Hemi.

I focus on the Classic Car's only and leave the standard transportation type vehicle's to the other Technician's, so you don't have to be concerned that your car will be pushed to the back of the shop because of a Honda. I'm a problem solver and will help you out in anyway I can.... in a timely manner.

Pictured is my 1970 Pro Street Hemi Challenger that I own to this Day so if you'd like to contact me, my number is 918-430-5613.

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