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Mark Your Calendars for next Meet and Greet on July 23rd

Bill & Scarlett Evanoff are having their annual blowout meet and greet on July 23, 2016 at 108 S Oak in Kellyville OK.

1pm - 5pm Lunch will start at 2pm


Take exit 122 Kellyville and Creek County fairgrounds take a left turn towards route 66 take a right turn onto Route 66 towards Kellyville.

Come into Kellyville and take a left turn on Buffalo Street which is main drag then take 1st right turn after railroad tracks.

Take 1st right onto Camden

Take 1st left on Oak Street

Blue house on corner with Cougars in front

or GPS : 108 S. Oak, Kellyville, OK

We are doing a hat donation to help cover thee cost of the meat. Drinks will be provided Side dishes are appreciated.

We look forward to meeting everyone and seeing your car and or your fellowship.

Any questions or assistance needed call Bill Evanoff 918-853-3555 thank you for your participation in our club.

We look forward to see everyone

President; Bill Evanoff #9316

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