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Barrie Dixon sends greetings from the UK

When MACC kicked off the planning for the 2017 event here in Tulsa, Randy Christian went the extra mile. Randy personally sent letters to the earliest of CCOA members. Barrie Dixon (number 156) replied back. Barrie owned a 67 Cougar back in the 70's and has been a fan ever since. Barrie and Jeanette visited the first ever Nationals at Fischers Classics in Ashland, VA back in 1982 and they been the best of friends with Tom and Irene Jacobellis just about ever since.

From Barrie, "The black and white one goes was back to 1974. It was my first 67 Cougar. That got totaled in a welding fire. My second 67 Cougar (ONU511J) replaced ERT522J in 1983 and that's the car I still have today. I did tell Jeanette I wouldn't get attached to my 2nd car, like I was with my first car. Yeah, right! Then I told her I might get something newer. She asked what. I said "a 68!" After 33-years, I think ONU is a keeper."

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