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Greetings from Finland...

The April show will have more international travelers in attendance. Juha and Terhi Kuronen will be attending the show in April. Juha can't bring a Cougar to the show, but he really wants to meet other Cougar enthusiasts. Below is a note from Juha and a little history about his rides. Check out the pics. This is a geat story and we can't wait to meet them in Tulsa.

From Juha:... We are middle-aged couple with one teenager and live in southern part of Finland. I work in IT and also own part of MicroBrewery and MicroDistillery and Terhi is a home staying mom.

We were introduced to world of classic American cars by our friends about 15 years ago and within year or so we realized that we "need" a classic American muscle car. There was a Mercury Cougar in old James Bond movie we though that this is the model we want and we bought our a -69 Convertible. After that, things kind of got out of hand. Currently we have 7 Cougars

- 69 Std. Convertible (351W, stroked to 412 - 480hp, 680Nm yep, it got also out of hand) - I do not know much of the history. Car was in pretty bad shape when it came to us. I put new floorpans and rebuilt engine.

- 77 STW 400M - Came to us from Aurora, Colorado. When it was on the way to Finland someone tried to buy it so it would staying US.

- 79 XR7 351M - We bought it from Norway. Previous owner used it to his Journeys to Russia trough Sweden and Finland. In Norway it had couple of owners and was brought by first owner to Norway at 1984. Has rare sunroof option. - Terhi's (my wife) favorite car. She calls it love of her life

- 82 STW Villager V6 - Arizona car that had one owner, a pig farmer before us. When car came to Finland, its climate control blower was full of nasty spiders.

- 90 XR7 (supercharged V6, manual) - I bought it from second owner, a medical doctor who used it as a daily driver. First owner brought it to Finland early 90's.

- 96 XR7 4.8l - Was sold to us by our friends who lived in Colorado. Served many years as my daily driver.

- 02 35th anniversary model (2.5l V6) - Two owners before us. First owner was old lady who wanted a Corvette and sold it to young kid in New Jersey. In New Jersey the Cougar had new stereos and some tuning leds . I tossed leds away but kept big subwoofer. Terhi likes to blast her Rockabilly CD's as they sound great! This is Terhis daily driver.

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