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Marty Burke will be at the April Show

Many of you know who Marty Burke is, but there are some who do not. In 2002, Marty drove one of the fastest cars on the planet and held the World record for C-Stock Class Quarter-Mile at 10.41 seconds at 128mph. Marty still drag races today and has a beautiful Mustang that goes really fast. Marty has been around ARCA (car owner) and NASCAR racing for years and was a crew chief for J.D. McDuffie in the late 80’s and early 90’s. You can tell Marty Burke is a Ford man because he has a very nice collection of Ford Talladega’s, Mustang’s and Mercury Cyclone’s. Marty is the past chairman of the Talladega Club. Marty is also a Cougar owner, but not just any Cougar. Marty has a 1969 brass tag 428 Cobra Jet. A brass tag is very rare and to find it on the original car is even rarer.

Check out Marty Burke Motorsports ( in Leonard Texas.

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